Poker is a card game that requires two or more players to play. A shuffled deck of 52 cards is used. There are also optional jokers. The number of players in a poker game varies, but is usually six to eight players. In poker, the highest-ranking poker hand wins the pot. A player can win the pot if his or her poker hand ranks higher than the dealer’s hand, or if he or she makes a bet and no other player calls it.

Depending on the variant of poker, players may have to contribute to the pot before the round begins. The first player to bet is called the bettor, and the player who matches that bet is known as the caller. A player who raises his or her bet is known as the raiser. Unlike in many other games, the first player cannot raise his or her own bet in the betting interval.

Players can also use the kitty to pay for food or new decks of cards. When a pot contains more than one raise, the kitty is used to pay for new decks of cards or other necessities. Players are not entitled to any of the kitty chips, though, if they leave Poker before the round is finished.

When playing Poker, each player has to bet in certain intervals during the game. Often, the minimum hand required to bet is a pair of jacks, but sometimes this number is higher. The object is to minimize your losses when you have a poor hand and to maximize your winnings when you have a good hand.